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C2 biz

Mastery or Proficiency Biz

Maximize your confidence with an authoritative approach to Business English!

This ultimate business course is for Business Executives, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Graduates with a desire for Mastery of the Business English speaking environment. Here you will learn to employ a wide variety of skills and information ranging from an active strong business English vocabulary and idiomatic nuances, to sales techniques, interview strategies, negotiations and presentations; a complete language immersion in a structured Business format. This preeminent challenge is an excellent opportunity to maximize your confidence, while utilizing instruction from native English speaking business professionals.

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для учебы, для карьеры

Для кого:

взрослые от 18 лет

Уровень английского:

Advanced (C1) и выше


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Sergei M., 34, Radiologist, Professor Logo logo

I have improved my English to participate in international talks and give presentations in conferences. The studying is aimed for the result. The location is very convenient.  Exceptionally comfortable office. The communication with teachers is enjoyable. My teacher is a great professional in management and a Native speaker of English. At the same time he is a business coach and an English teacher.  He is great to talk to, and has a broad knowledge and a lot of life and business experience

We offer a variety of both tiered and exclusively designed Business English Courses. The C2 Mastery or Proficiency Course is advanced level 2 of Lexicon’s operational business courses and is a private, one-on-one course that is designed for non-native English speakers. The instructors are native English-speaking educated business professionals or non-native fluent English-speaking educated business professionals.

The duration of this course is 6-9 months, depending on the frequency of arranged lessons.

This course provides the opportunity for the student to be challenged and grow in their business English skills by utilizing a standard balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. However, this balance can be adjusted to supplement each student’s deficiencies.

The course syllabus includes the following main topics:

Homework is an integral part of this course unless declined by the student.

Placement is determined during the initial introduction / consultation, the student’s needs and is based on the current fluency level of each student.

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Native speaker

При общении с наставником-носителем вы до совершенства отполируете лингвистические и фонетические нюансы.

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Завершив обучение на этом курсе, вы подниметесь на самую высокую ступень, с которой открываются неограниченные перспективы.

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Вы сможете подтвердить и упрочить свой статус свободного пользователя делового английского языка.

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Во время обучения вы получите практические рекомендации для выхода на международный рынок труда.