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GRE Preparation

Learn the Strategies and Develop the Skills You Need to Pass the GRE and Develop your Career in a Technical Industry 

This professionally designed GRE Preparation Course offers you a myriad of tools and strategies that will help you to reach the score you need to be admitted into your desired graduate school program.  You will be taught individually by a personal tutor who has expert knowledge of the GRE exam and more importantly, how to succeed.  This course will cover the areas of this test that you will encounter such as verbal reasoning, critical thinking, analytical writing, and quantitative reasoning.  The GRE is a great way for you to express your knowledge for your particular area of study and have an amazing opportunity to learn at some of the top graduate schools in the United States and Canada.  If you want to learn the strategies and develop the skills you need to pass the GRE and develop your career in a technical industry, then enroll today!

Course specs


с носителем языка, индивидуально


для поступления в магистратуру, аспирантуру или бизнес-школу в США и Канаде

Для кого:

взрослые от 26 лет

Уровень английского:

выше среднего (B2)

Тип курса:

подготовка к экзамену

Продолжительность теста:

3 часа 45 минут

Содержание теста (балл):

Analytical Writing (6) – 2 эссе по 30 мин.,
Quantitative Reasoning (170) – 2 блока по 35 мин.,
Verbal Reasoning (170) – 2 блока по 30 мин.

Максимальный результат:

346 баллов


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Пробное занятие (60 мин):

0 rub.

The GRE Preparation exam evaluates your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills.  The scores of this test are accepted in all institutions of higher education in the United States.  You can take this test as many times as you want, however it is crucial that you do well on your first or second exam because your final score is an average of all of the GRE exams you have taken.  The GRE test is comprised of six sections: two verbal reasoning sections, an analytical writing section and either a research or experimental section. 

The Verbal Reasoning portion evaluates your ability to comprehend English, your level of vocabulary and your critical reasoning skills.  This section has a total of twenty questions that must be completed within a thirty minute time limit.  There are 6 text completion questions in this section, four fill in the blanks and ten questions that measure your ability to read critically.

The Quantitative section assesses your problem solving abilities when dealing with algebra, geometry, basic arithmetic and data analysis.  This section has a time limit of thirty-five minutes and a total of twenty questions.  There are questions in which you are to make quantitative comparisons, questions pertaining to problem solving, problems where you are required to interpret data, multiple choice items and fill in the blank questions.   

The Analytical Writing section evaluates your ability to think critically, write analytically and the ability to provide effective and clear support to ideas.  There are two different types of essay that will be encountered in this section.  The first essay is an issue task in which you will have roughly thirty minutes to compose an essay related to a specific topic.  The second portion requires you to critique an argument and improve it.

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За время обучения вы сможете отполировать свои навыки и знания на примере стандартных заданий, встречающихся в тесте.

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Вы научитесь выполнять типовые тестовые задания в рамках ограниченного времени, сосредоточившись на выборе правильного решения.

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Native speaker

Обучение в тесном контакте с наставником-носителем позволит избавиться от лингвистических барьеров в общении.

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После подготовки к экзамену и его успешной сдачи вы сможете перейти на качественно новый уровень в карьере и бизнесе.