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English in Moscow - Mastery or Proficiency level C2

Refine your English language to native fluency status!

Do you feel you have reached the pinnacle English language learning? If you want to be challenged and stretched to a higher level of formal English language proficiency, then look no further! Lexicon’s Mastery General English Course is the consummate venue for refining you English language skills. We provide you an exclusive personal trainer who is an educated native English-speaking professional to perfect your operational English proficiency. This structured course is designed to meet your particular needs and interests. This challenging and professional setting will unquestionably increase your native English fluency status!

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Course specs


one-to-one with a native speaker


for education, career, self-development


adults and teens

Prior level of English:

Advanced C1 or higher


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Alexander M., 42, Director General

Improvement in my conversational English is quite noticeable, I can now take part in negotiations, practice my English.  Lately I have noticed that I get irritated when professional interpreters fail to convey some details, I have to correct them.  I routinely use slang and idioms and understand the way native English speakers think, I know their customs in the US, Canada or Britain, which helps me build a better rapport with them.  My pronunciation has improved greatly, so much so that sometimes they say my accent sounds a bit Canadian (compared to an incomprehensible Russo-Scottish one I had before). I enjoy watching news, films and cartoons in English

The Studio's Arbat office is very conveniently located, classically remodeled, looks more like an office of a private attorney.  The schedule is almost always flexible if I need to change something.  Any such changes are made on the first come first serve basis for permanent clients.  I do not recommend putting off lessons till fall.  Lessons are actively enriched by the use of multimedia for practically every aspect of language learning.   


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We offer a variety of both tiered and exclusively designed General English Courses. The C2 Mastery or Proficiency General English Course is part two of Lexicon’s advanced-level General English courses and is a private, one-on-one course that is designed for non-native English speakers. Here you have a choice of instructors. You may choose between a bilingual (English-Russian) fluent native speaker or a native English-speaker only. All instructors are educated experienced professionals.

The duration of this course is 6-9 months, depending on the frequency of arranged lessons.

This course provides the opportunity for the student to be challenged and develop their English skills by utilizing a standard balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. However, this balance can be adjusted to supplement each student’s deficiencies.

Homework is an integral part of this course unless declined by the student.

Exams are executed to monitor the student’s progress.

Placement is determined during the initial introduction / consultation, the student’s needs and is based on the current fluency level of each student.

Our Instructors
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Вы сможете без каких-либо ограничений понимать речь носителей, учитывая различные типы произношений.

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Вы научитесь беспрепятственно улавливать в беседе невербальные послания и интонационные сигналы носителей.

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За счет знания идиом и разговорных выражений богатство вашей речи достигнет практического совершенства.

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Вы добьетесь полного контроля над грамотностью своей речи с точки зрения используемых конструкций.

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