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SAT Preparation

Learn the strategies to achieving a high score on the SAT so that you will get accepted into the university of your dreams!

The function of this expertly developed course is to provide the student with the best tools to achieve the scores necessary to make their academic dreams come true as they seek acceptance into an undergraduate program.  The student will be provided with individual lessons by a tutor who is a native English speaker as well as an expert of the SAT.  SAT scores play an extremely vital role in the transition from high school to university because individuals with high scores have a wider range of prestigious universities to choose from.  Students will need to acheive good scores on the SAT exam in order to attend a reputable university in the United States. 

Course specs


с носителем языка, индивидуально


для поступления в вуз США

Для кого:

подростки 16-19 лет

Уровень английского:

средний (B1) и выше

Тип курса:

подготовка к экзамену

Продолжительность теста:

3 часа 45 минут

Содержание теста (балл):

Critical Reading (800) – 70 мин.,
Mathematics (800) – 70 мин.,
Writing (800) – 60 мин.

Максимальный результат:

2400 баллов
Рассчитать стоимотсть подробно

Пробное занятие (60 мин):

0 rub.
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Yuri M., 16, High School Student

No English school  provides such quality lessons as LEXICON School. The lesson goes fast - time just flies! Studying English has nothing to do with just memorizing new words and rules any more; now it is something more advanced – studying through communication. Complex Grammmar structures are easily memorized during just one class, plus it is complemented with relevant homework tasks. All lessons are in English and this noticeably improves your Speaking skills. The rules are important but it won't work without language practice. In the studio there is no such problem.

My results: I have successfully passed TOEFL, SSATentered Wayland Academy, improved my Grammar, Speaking and Writing.

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a required reasoning test by many universities in the United States that expresses the caliber of the student and the knowledge gained during their years in school.  This test is considered one of the most important elements in the application process into undergraduate programs by many universities and is one of the determining factors in either accepting or rejecting an applicant.  The SAT is comprised of three sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.  The questions come in different formats such as multiple choice, grid-in math problems, scatter plots, and a short essay.

The Critical Reading section has a duration of 70 minutes.  The test taker will encounter questions that coincide with short and long readings.  These questions analyze the individual’s vocabulary level and ability to read critically. 

The Mathematics portion of the exam is 70 min in length.  Elements of the mathematical problems include: numbers and operations, algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, probability, and data analysis. 

The Writing section has an allotted time of 60 minutes.  The questions in this section are designed to evaluate the test taker’s grasp of English grammar as they identify errors in sentences, improve sentences, and write a short essay pertaining to a given topic.  

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Native speaker

Прямой контакт с носителем языка станет важным этапом психологической подготовки перед поступлением в американское учебное заведение.

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Вы разовьете собственные навыки критического мышления при анализе неадаптированных текстов на английском языке.

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Вы узнаете стратегии и принципы успешного прохождения испытания и сможете меньше времени тратить на поиск правильного ответа.

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Вы добьетесь существенного прогресса в изложении собственных мыслей в письменном в виде в условиях ограниченного времени.