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English in Moscow - Effective Operational Proficiency or Advanced level С1

Establish a commanding presence while communicating in English!

What does it mean to establish a commanding presence in English? When you complete Lexicon’s Advanced General English Course, you will begin to speak authoritatively and start to understand with a superior insight into native English-speaking eloquence beyond your colleagues. Native English-speaking educated professionals experienced in one-on-one English language tutoring will expand your upper-level active vocabulary; focusing on fluency and accuracy with inflections, intonations and native pronunciations. You will explore new structured writing techniques and learn to isolate native nuances from listening exercises. All in all, your operational efficiency with the English language will be impressive!

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для учебы, для карьеры

Для кого:

взрослые и подростки от 10 лет

Уровень английского:

B2 и выше
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I have successfully learned Advanced Grammar. I have gained good skills in spoken and written English, I can speak formal English. I increased my vocabulary.

The Studio is located in the center of Moscow. There is private parking. Lessons start at 8 in the morning, which allows you to get there without waiting in traffic jams. The classrooms are well furnished and have all the necessary facilities. You are always offered a cup of tea or coffee.


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We offer a variety of both tiered and exclusively designed General English Courses. The C1 Effective Operational Proficiency or Advanced General English Course is part one of Lexicon’s advanced-level General English courses and is a private, one-on-one course that is designed for non-native English speakers. Here you have a choice of instructors. You may choose between a bilingual (English-Russian) fluent native speaker or a native English-speaker only. All instructors are educated experienced professionals.

The duration of this course is 6-9 months, depending on the frequency of arranged lessons.

This course provides the opportunity for the student to be challenged and develop their English skills by utilizing a standard balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening. However, this balance can be adjusted to supplement each student’s deficiencies.

The course syllabus includes the following main topics:

  • Education – Getting ahead: Educational issues, decision-making, etc.
  • Work and Money – Getting ahead: Jobs, Job satisfaction, etc.
  • Travel – Around the globe: Holidays, Summer camps, etc.
  • Culture – Around the globe
  • Mother Nature – Be Green: Nature, Endangered species, nature, etc.
  • Save the Planet – Be Green: Conservation projects, Protecting the environment, etc.
  • In Sickness and in Health – Healthy body-healthy mind: lifestyles, etc.
  • Being Fit – Healthy body-healthy mind: fitness and exercise, etc.
  • Consumerism – Modern times: Shopping, Advertising, etc.
  • Hi Tech – Modern times: Technology
  • Human Relationships – Social Issues
  • Against the Law – Social Issues: Crime and punishment

Homework is an integral part of this course unless declined by the student.

Exams are executed to monitor the student’s progress.

Placement is determined during the initial introduction / consultation, the student’s needs and is based on the current fluency level of each student.

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Вы научитесь выражать свои мысли на большинство тем – как общих и повседневных, так и профессиональных.

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Вы сможете высказываться спонтанно и бегло, не придавая для этого больших усилий, за исключением малознакомых тем.

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Вы добьетесь совершенства в изложении своих мыслей в письменной форме, используя подходящий языковой стиль.

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Для Вас больше не будет представлять сложности свободно понимать содержание почти всех фильмов и ТВ-программ.