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GSCE Preparation Course

Take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to study for the GSCE with a certified native English speaker!

This unique course has been specifically designed for students in middle and high school.  By enrolling in this course, a student will receive world-class tutoring from a native speaker who is an expert of the GSCE English exam.  The pupil will learn the cultural and vocabulary skills needed to understand and ultimately pass the GSCE exam with a score high enough to advance to the A-Level of the English language.  Setting the foundation for the A-Level now, would vastly increase the speed at which the student’s English language level develops and would greatly assist them in being admitted to an international university after graduating high school.  

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подростки от 13 лет

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Advanced C1


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The GSCE is a requirement for individuals who have aspirations to advance to the GSCE A-Level.  A student can choose up to twelve subjects from more than forty-five to study and be tested on although this preparation course focuses only on the English language test.  The pupil can take the A-Level versions of the courses they if they pass that course on the GSCE exam with a score of a letter grade of “C” or higher.  The exam is comprised of four sections: Reading Comprehension, Reading Critically, Writing and Speaking.  The Speaking portion is the only section that is unscored. 


The Reading Comprehension requires the test taker to read a wide variety of texts extracted from books of literature and other higher quality materials.  The student will have to search for main ideas and themes in at least two passages.  Additionally, they will have to comprehend, interpret and summarize given texts, and assess the applicability of given information. 


In the Critical Reading section, the student will be evaluated on their ability to read critically, evaluate and comprehend works of literature and their overall knowledge of English vocabulary and grammar.  The test taker will have to analyze and describe a writer’s comments, support evaluated passages with descriptive examples and compare and contrast certain texts in this portion of the exam. 


The Writing portion does not evaluate the pupil’s ability to compose lengthy written works; rather it assesses their ability to compose high-caliber, quality written works.  The test taker will be tested on how clear and coherent they can convey their message, their usage of grammar, and whether or not they used the correct style and vocabulary.  Additionally, students will need to compose different types of writings with specific objectives to inform, argue, instruct, or persuade certain audiences.


The Speaking portion of this exam evaluates the test taker’s comprehension of spoken English and their ability to speak English correctly.  They will be required to present information in a formal setting, listen attentively for understanding and respond when prompted.  

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Native speaker

Обучение в тесном контакте с наставником-носителем позволит избавиться от лингвистических барьеров в общении.

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Подросток сможет узнать законы и принципы британского общества, о которых он, возможно, не знал раньше.

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За время подготовки к экзамену ученик научится техникам результативного прохождения испытания.

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Общение с дипломированным педагогом-носителем позволит сделать разговорную речь чище и грамотнее.