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Advertising English

Take your first steps in becoming the advertising expert you have always wanted to become!  

Advertising English is a proven course that has been designed by professionals for you to have the best opportunity to develop an understanding of how to advertise in English.  You will have the unique opportunity to be tutored by a certified native speaker who has worked in the field of advertising for many years.  You will be provided with tailored, one-on-one lessons that teach you the ways to structure arguments and advertisements, both over the telephone as well as in writing, toward a specific target audience.  By learning the English terminology associated with advertising, you will be placing your company and yourself on the road to success.  You will be able to market and advertise to formerly unreachable foreign consumers.  English, much like advertising, is an art form and when combined with advertising, you are able to create a masterpiece.  If you want to advance your career and increase the potential client base of your company, then enroll today and let’s create advertising masterpieces together

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для карьеры

Для кого :

взрослые от 25 лет

Уровень английского:

Intermediate B1 и выше


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Angelina K., 31, Advertising specialist

Я тоже хочу порекомендовать Эмили как первоклассного специалиста в области английского языка. Я занималась у нее на курсе Английский для рекламы. Осталась очень довольна полученными знаниями и подходом преподавателя. Всегда спокойна, тактична, терпелива. Побольше бы таких учителей по жизни. Жаль, что Эмили работает только два раза в неделю на выходных – хотелось бы заниматься чаще.

Курс рассчитан на тех, у кого базовый английский уже на достаточно хорошем уровне. Поэтому приходить за грамматикой сюда я бы не рекомендовала. Зато можно узнать кучу новой лексики, да и просто расширить собственный кругозор. Для рекламщиков, особенно начинающих, хороший трамплин на новую высоту. И еще – не жалейте денег на образование, друзья!


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Advertising English offers you a comprehensive look at advertising and marketing practices in the English language.  You will receive valuable insight into the terminology that comprises the following topics: the basics of marketing, research, products, positioning and branding, customers and staff, price, place, publicity and promotion, packaging, and public relations.  Your tutor will teach you how to prepare your message for your intended target audience after doing audience analysis.  Additionally, you will be taught how to stature arguments and advertise using hard sell and soft sell techniques. 


In the Marketing Basics unit, you will learn about the basics of marketing, the SWOT Analysis, marketing plans, marketing strategies, marketing ethics, the legal aspects of marketing, and the environment of the market.


The Research portion of this course focuses on explaining the terminology involved with research methodology, the different types of research, describing the results of surveys, and understanding changes and trends. 


In the Product section of the course, you will study how to develop new products, the selling of products and services, how to effectively brainstorm, different types of products and services, the life cycles of products and the vocabulary associated with products and services. 


The section, Positioning and Branding, will teach you vital information concerning the jargon used in branding and brand values.  You will learn about making a brand, brand platforms, brand management, brand strategies, and brand values.


In the People unit of the course, you will learn how to understand your customers and staff by looking into market segmentation, the needs and behaviors of your customers, loyalty programs, motivation marketing, and customer relationship management. 


The Price portion of this course reviews the marketing budget, approaches you may take to budgeting, return on investment, pricing strategies, considerations of pricing and price tests. You will also review the vocabulary that is necessary to communicate all of the topics covered in this section.  


The Place unit studies the terminology used in logistics, distribution chains, merchandizing, telemarketing, trade shows, mail order, online shopping, and personal selling.


In the Publicity and Promotion unit, you will be taught the jargon involved with advertising on television, the radio, outdoors, through the press, through printed materials, through branded content, the internet, buzz marketing, direct mail, e-mail, sampling, and through sales promotions.  Additionally, you will review advertising techniques as well as the strategies and planning of media


The Packaging unit focuses on descriptive packaging on materials and containers, different types of logos, typeface, and logo design.  Public Relations, the last section of this course, will teach you about the lexicon concerning corporate communications, public relations and lobbying, sponsorship of athletics and events, crisis communication, and corporate blogging.  

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Вы почувствуете растущую уверенность при общении с зарубежными партнерами, коллегами по работе и клиентами.

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Вплотную общаясь с преподавателем-носителем, вы сможете заметно улучшить собственное произношение и интонационную точность.

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После прохождения курса вам не составит большого труда написать отчет о проделанной работе, сделать письменный доклад.

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Вы сможете существенно обогатить словарный запас в профильной области и изучить узкоспециализированную терминологию.