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English for Mass Media

Together we can reach the masses!

This course was skillfully designed in order to maximize your ability to excel in the English language, specifically in the area of mass media.  We offer you the unique opportunity to be tutored by a highly experienced professional native speaker who has been employed in the area of mass media for many years.  Your tutor will teach you one-on-one about the areas that interest you the most.  This course covers the communication strategies involved in mass media mediums such as the internet, newspapers, radio, magazines, television and film.  With a good command of the English language and an understanding of how to use mass media mediums, you will have greater potential to reach a larger audience.  Enroll today and let us reach the masses together! 

Course specs


для себя, для карьеры


для себя, для карьеры

Для кого :

взрослые от 21 года

Уровень английского:

Intermediate B1 и выше


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Olga, 25, Journalist

Вот бы в каждой профессии были такие высококлассные специалисты, как Хэйли. А то приходится часто сталкиваться с такими кадрами. В преподавателе чувствуется какая-то особенная страсть к преподаванию. На занятиях она отдает себя без остатка – поэтому и самому приходится работать на все сто процентов. Это особенное чувство, когда в иностранце видишь родственную душу. Хэйли – вы преподаватель от бога!

Я проходила курс «Английский для СМИ». Очень содержательная программа. Удалось узнать много интересной информации, которую теперь использую ежедневно в своей работе. Занятия строятся в интерактивном режиме в виде постоянного диалога. Поэтому чувствуется стопроцентная вовлеченность в процесс обучения и есть соответствующая отдача. 


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English for Mass Media offers you an in-depth look into eight types of mass media.  The types of mass media that this course covers are newspapers, radio, magazines, television, film, new media, advertising and marketing.  In all of these units, you will learn new vocabulary and develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  Your tutor will also teach you about communication strategies of attention grabbing vehicles, for example, headlines and punch lines which accompany images.     


The Newspapers unit will give you valuable insight into writing headlines, practicing your interview skills, how to create texts that have cohesion, how to use open question forms as well as closed question forms, writing introductions as well as conclusions, learning how to write objectively without bias and how to analyze, plan, and write a newspaper article. 


The unit, Radio, focuses on teaching you how the production process works, how to plan a news list, how to give good post-production feedback, how to give instructions over the air, how to introduce a radio program, along with the specific vocabulary and phrases radio presenters use.


In the Magazines section, you will learn how to create magazine covers, how to design the content of the magazine, how to plan and write a true-life story, how to direct a photo shoot, narrative tenses, correct verb forms, and the language involved in magazines, e-mails and telephones. 


The unit on Television will teach you about the pre-production process, how to organize a filming schedule, filming on location, and editing a television documentary.  You will also learn about the jargon used in television production and the vocabulary used in filming procedures, editing, and television equipment. 


In the Film portion of the course, you will develop your skills in writing a screenplay, how to deliver a successful sales pitch, the process of organizing a shoot, and how to write a film review.  This course also teaches you about the technical vocabulary and language used in filming, film distribution, and film reviews.


The New Media unit covers the process of briefing a website designer, analyzing problems and finding a solution, creating a podcast, and the method of planning and writing a blog.  This unit additionally provides you with an in-depth look into the technical vocabulary of websites, using key adjectives in order to enhance the text and collocation.   You will also be taught about how to use new social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Flickr in order to optimize your marketing and communication with your target audiences. 


In the unit on Advertising, you will study how to effectively sell your services to a prospective consumer, how to create a printed advertisement, how to create a digital advertisement, and how to present the completed advertisement.  This section also covers the technical vocabulary used in advertising such as slogans, brainstorming, and presenting. 


The Marketing unit covers the process of analyzing market trends, how to create a strategy for marketing communication, how to organize and evaluate a product re-launch, and the specific marketing language involved in each of those areas.  

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На индивидуальных занятиях с носителем вы разовьете презентационные навыки, которые помогут достигнуть успеха в ежедневной работе.

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Этот курс позволит обрести лингвистическую уверенность, которой не хватало раньше в решении рабочих вопросов.

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Вы сможете освоить профильную лексику и терминологию по широкому спектру тем, сопряженных с рабочей областью.

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Под наставничеством тьютора вы научитесь убедительно и четко излагать свои мысли в письменной форме в различных жанрах.