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Case Interviews in English

Receive Exclusive Training for Case Interviews Done in English!

This course provides you with in-depth training for a wide range of case questions that you may encounter in your next interview.  You will learn the tactics to develop your thoughts in English quickly and answer situational questions that will be posed to you.  Through one on one lessons with a certified native speaking tutor, you will develop your listening skills in order to analyze and provide a solution to the situation in a timely and logical way.  It is crucial that you develop your English listening and speaking skills as well as your analytical and quantitative abilities so you may give an answer that shows you understand the given problem and can convey your solution to it.  Enroll now and obtain exclusive training to case interviews done in English.  

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для карьеры

Для кого :

взрослые от 21 года

Уровень английского:

Intermediate B1 и выше


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Case Interviews in English offers you training for many different types of cases that you may come across and will prepare you by rehearsing the various situations.  Your tutor will teach you how to control the case interview and not dominate it, as this will impede your ability to work collaboratively with others.  A Case Interview evaluates the following skills: business, numerical, presentation, communication and verbal reasoning skills.  During the interview, the interviewer is not looking for a specific answer, rather they are looking to see whether or not you have the reasoning skills to arrive at a conclusion and can project that answer to the client.  Additionally, your ability to communicate effectively, think analytically and your level of commercial awareness will also be analyzed. 


In this course, you will be given descriptive information of a challenge, problem, or situation from which you will be expected to analyze and fix the given conundrum in a certain amount of time.  Real world business scenarios that will be described to you will have been experienced and resolved by the interviewer.  You will be expected to inquire about given information in order to investigate the situation in order for you receive enough information that will allow you to develop a logical conclusion.  After analyzing and coming to a final conclusion, you will then have to present your findings and consult the interviewer on the actions that should be taken to resolve the situation.  

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Пробное занятие

Познакомьтесь с нашими преподавателями-носителями и выберите наставника в соответствии со своими пожеланиями.

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One on One

Вы сможете достигнуть заметного прогресса в языке, занимаясь один на один с преподавателем в удобном режиме.

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Value for money

Результативность индивидуальных занятий полностью покрывает и превосходит вложенные расходы на обучение.

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Culture immersion

Благодаря тесному контакту с преподавателем-носителем Вы изучите важные нюансы англоязычного общества и культуры.