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Presentations in English

Develop the business English skills needed to deliver effective presentations to your intended audience. 

This course, Presentations in English, was expertly designed to deliver the results you seek and need in order to enhance your spoken English language skills.  You will have the unique opportunity to learn from professional native speakers who will train you individually on every aspect that comprises presentation.  The training you will receive will improve your English communication through extensive tailored exercises that pertain to your individual needs.  Your tutor will prepare you to present in front of your desired audience members such as managers, colleagues, partners, and clients.  You will also be prepared to present in the setting that matches your need the most such as conference rooms, lecture halls, trade shows, and many more.  You will be tutored on the stages of building an effective presentation which are diagnosing the target audience, determining the setting, choosing your presentation strategy either a hard sell or soft sell, preparing credibility boosters such as quotes as well as statistics, and preparing professional opening and closing statements.  By the end of this course, you will have no problem delivering an effective and professional presentation to your intended audience.  

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Presentations in English will develop your English language skills to the point that you can deliver highly effective presentations in front your desired audience in the setting you are preparing for.  This is made possible through repetition and application.  The course is comprised of six sections: The First Few Minutes, Organizing What You Want to Say, Using Equipment, Maintaining Interest, Dealing With Problems and Questions, and Summarizing and Concluding. 


First Few Minutes section is comprised of topics such as why making a good first impression is important, effective openers, how to properly introduce yourself and colleagues, and ensure the audience understands the purpose of your presentation.


In the section of Organizing What You Want to Say, you will learn how to create an appealing and effective presentation.  This portion of the course focuses on the topics of the necessity of a structured presentation, phrases that will grab the audience’s attention, the organization of your ideas, and how to flawlessly transition from section to section in your presentation.


The Using Equipment section allows you to become familiar with equipment used in presentation, how to use visuals and how to describe them properly, and make sure that your audience can see the visuals.


The fourth part of this course is about Maintaining Interest.  You will be taught how to maintain the interest of your audience through an effective delivery, using phrases in order to support and clarify your statements, how to nonchalantly check if your audience is following you, and finally how to keep your audience involved.


The Dealing With Problems and Questions section is comprised of strategies for dealing with unexpected situations and how to respond to problems and difficult questions.


The final section, Summarizing and concluding, teaches you how to summarize your presentation, how to effectively end your presentation, and thanking the audience.

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Вы сможете добиться еще большей языковой беглости и перестанете тратить время на подбор нужных слов.

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На индивидуальных занятиях с носителем вы разовьете презентационные навыки, которые помогут достигнуть успеха в ежедневной работе.

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Вы сможете развить и укрепить навыки делового общения и презентации для решения бизнес-вопросов на международной арене.

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Вплотную общаясь с преподавателем-носителем, вы сможете заметно улучшить собственное произношение и интонационную точность.