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Writing Reference Letters in English

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Writing Reference’s letters in English is an expertly designed course that will develop your knowledge and ability to write business or academic reference letters.  Because you are a highly esteemed professional, you will no doubt be approached at some point in your life to write a letter of reference for one of your colleagues, friends, employees, or students.  By enrolling in this course, you have the unique opportunity to be taught about writing letters of reference in English at its highest quality by professional tutor who is a native speaker of the English language.  With the assistance of your tutor, you will learn how to write effective and powerful reference letters that will properly relay the character and achievements of the individual you are writing the letter for.  Reference letters are only written for individuals whom you genuinely care for and wish them success in their life.  It is very important for them that you write a very professional and profound letter of reference.  Enroll today and let’s prepare to make the difference in their life!

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


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взрослые от 27 лет

Уровень английского:

Intermediate B1 и выше


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In this express course, you will receive tutoring on the basics of how a letter of reference should be written, the type of vocabulary that should be used, and what types of statements should be avoided in the letter of reference you are writing for your friend, colleague, employee, or student.  In a reference letter, you will inform the intended individual about your friend’s or colleague’s skills, character and achievements.  Your tutor will teach you by helping you structure your own professionally written letter of reference in order for that to serve as your template for any more letters you may be required to write.  Because of the importance of a well written reference letter, your tutor will place a great deal of emphasis on developing your vocabulary so you may properly formulate an effective reference letter. 


You will learn what topics need to be included in a business or academic reference letter such as the structure of the letter, how to begin the letter, how to properly introduce yourself, how to properly convey your relationship to the individual you are writing the letter for, topics to include when writing about the candidate, how to conclude the letter of reference, and how long the letter should be.  You will also be tutored on what not to include in a reference letter such as weaknesses, false statements, writing informally, irrelevant information, and grammar mistakes.


Additionally, your tutor will teach you the processes involved with covering all elements of an effective reference letter.  It is important that you know to whom you are writing and the reason for writing the letter.   The choice of style, length and depth depend on the information gathered so you can properly tailor the letter.  Your tutor will also teach you the various ways to structure a reference letter, for example; it can be set up in chronological order, by roles, by their academic history or by situations.  

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