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Sending Emails in English

Learn the Methods to Write Quick, Accurate and Concise E-mails in English

Sending E-mails in English is an express course that has been designed to offer you the opportunity to cultivate new English writing skills that you need to formulate your own e-mails with the guidance of a native speaking tutor.  In this course, you will learn about the proper tones to use, what kind of fonts you should use, what kind of style to write with, what layout to use, line spacing, how to start and conclude the message.   It is extremely easy to write a quick e-mail without putting a lot of thought into it, causing there to be many spelling and grammatical errors.  The end result of this is reduced credibility and professionalism of the sender.  After all, the objective of communication in the modern business world is to be quick, accurate and concise.  Register now, and start writing quick, accurate and concise e-mails that will effectively convey your message and boost your professionalism.

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


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взрослые от 18 лет

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B1 и выше


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Galina, 41, University Lecturer

Будучи преподавателем, я могу дать очень высокую оценку своей коллеге Грейс. Это специалист высокого класса, обладающий педагогической этикой и превосходно разбирающийся в предмете. Отдельное слово стоит сказать о личных качествах Грейс –дружелюбность, открытость, уважительное отношение к ученику. С Грейс интересно не только учить язык, но и перенимать ее опыт в преподавании английского неносителю.

Я прошла курс «Электронные письма на английском» и полностью удовлетворена результатом. Я смогла отработать написание самых разных жанров писем, получила возможность узнать мнение профессионального педагога о моем уровне английского языка и теперь планирую подтянуть общий разговорный язык в Студии LEXICON. Словом, даю свою стопроцентную рекомендацию преподавателю и школе в целом.


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This express course gives you an opportunity to learn and develop new writing skills that are vital for any modern working professional.  You will be taught the differences in writing e-mails versus writing normal correspondences and when to choose to communicate via e-mail instead of other means of communication.  In this course, you will learn about how to construct an e-mail for a job application, urgent messages, elements that must be included in an e-mail, how to simplify a long e-mail, how to exchange e-mails, expressions used only in e-mails, how to correct errors within an e-mail, how to add a personal touch to your e-mails, replying to e-mails and the dangers of e-mail.  Additionally, you will learn how to create an effective subject line and the various ways of sending e-mail to multiple recipients while avoiding potentially detrimental mistakes. 


You will learn to follow certain elements that must be involved in the structure of a professional e-mail.  These elements include the subject line, greetings, the introduction, the body of the message and the close.  The subject line of the e-mail is extremely important as it sets the tone and is the first glimpse that the recipient will get of the message.  You will be taught how to compose short, medium or long subjects that will grab the attention of your intended receiver.  The next element is the greeting section.  In this part, it is crucial that you get their title and name right.  The introduction section will include your first sentences which explain the reason for your e-mail.  For the body of message, it is better if it is short and to the point. 


Individuals in today’s society are very busy people and do not have a lot of time to read long e-mails.  You will learn how to compile your thoughts and compress them all into a short to medium length text no longer than two paragraphs.  In the closing section, you will learn how to close with a call-to-action and what phrases to use before your signature.  You will be taught the various methods of answering e-mail messages such as acknowledging, summary replies, pointed replies in the body of the original message and many more.  Additionally, you will learn the techniques in sending messages to multiple recipients by means of carbon copying and hidden copies.  

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Native speaker

Во время занятий с практикующим бизнес-коучем вы сможете получить независимые профессиональные советы на интересующие темы.

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Существенная часть курса посвящена отработке практических навыков написания писем с учетом профессиональной области слушателя.

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Вы познакомитесь с ключевыми терминами, лексическими структурами и речевыми оборотами, которыми пользуются сами носители.

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Этот специализированный курс позволит вам отточить свои письменные навыки для ведения ежедневной электронной переписки.