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ISEE Preparation Course

Learn the Methods to Achieving a High Score on the ISEE With a Native Speaking Tutor!

This expertly crafted course will teach enrolled students the techniques that will assist them in achieving a high score on the ISEE and a great chance of being accepted into one of the top private or boarding schools in the U.S and Canada.  Through tailored one-on-one lessons taught by a specialized native speaking tutor, the student will gain improvement in the five areas of the test: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, math and writing.  The tailored lessons are designed to correlate directly with the student’s exact needs and language level in order to fully maximize this course’s effectiveness and opportunity to achieve a high score.  By having a high stanine, the pupil could have a greater chance of being accepted into one of top private schools in the U.S. 

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


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дети и подростки от 10 до 17 лет

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Intermediate B1


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Private and Boarding schools in the U.S. and Canada use the Independent Secondary School Exam results to determine if the student is eligible to enroll and succeed at their school.  The ISEE is given at three levels.  The test at the lower level is designed for pupils in grades five to six.  The Middle level test is for children in middle school from grades seven to eight.  The Upper level is intended for high-school students in grades nine to twelve.  Even though there are three levels at which the test is offered, the sections that comprise the exams remain the same but the difficulty increases with the level.  


There are roughly one-hundred and twenty-seven questions and one essay on the Lower level test while the Middle and Upper Level tests are comprised of one-hundred and sixty questions, one essay prompt and have a longer time limit.  There are five sections covered at each level of the ISEE: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement and Writing.  Only the Writing section is unscored.  The essay the test taker composes in the Writing section is evaluated by the admissions directors of the schools to which they are applying.  English Lexicon suggests that students also enroll in our English Academic Writing course which has been excellently designed to teach the methods to composing high-grade essays if they wish to excel in this area. 


The ISEE and the SSAT are very similar entrance exams included in the admissions processes of many of the top private and boarding schools in the United States and Canada.  It is important to determine whether or not the school the student wishes to attend requires either the ISEE exam or the SSAT exam.  If the desired school requires SSAT exam results, we suggest that they enroll in our SSAT Preparation Course which will amply prepare them for the material that will be on the SSAT exam. 


The Lower Level Verbal Reasoning section is comprised of two parts, synonyms and sentence completions, and has thirty four questions and a time limit of twenty minutes.  The Middle and Upper Level Verbal Reasoning Sections consist of forty questions and have a time limit of twenty minutes.  These sections are comprised of two parts, synonyms and sentence completions. 

In the Lower level Quantitative Reasoning portion, test takers will encounter roughly thirty-eight word problems within the designated time limit of thirty-five minutes.  The Middle and Upper Level Quantitative Reasoning portions consist of thirty-seven questions that need to be answered within the given time limit of thirty-five minutes.  The types of questions that will be encountered in the Middle and Upper level portion of the exam are quantitative comparisons and word problems.           

The Lower Level Reading Comprehension portion consists of twenty-five questions and has a time limit of twenty-five minutes in order to answer questions on five passages.  The Middle and Upper Level Reading Comprehension sections are each comprised of thirty-six questions and have a time limit of thirty-five minutes.  In these sections, students will be required to read six texts.  The topics of the passages at each level include literature, contemporary life, science and history.  At each level, students will encounter questions requiring them to discover the main ideas as well as supporting ideas.  Additionally pupils will have vocabulary, inference, logic, organization and figurative language questions. 

The Lower Level Mathematics Achievement portion has a time limit of thirty minutes and a total of thirty questions.  The Middle and Upper Level Mathematics Achievement sections consist of forty-seven questions and each has a time limit of forty minutes.  At each level, the same types of questions will be encountered but given at different difficulty levels.  The given questions will be on topics of algebra, measurement, geometry, numbers and operations, data analysis, problem solving and probability.

The Writing sections of all three levels of the test require the students to compose an essay.  Students will be given a time limit of thirty minutes to write an essay on a given topic and will be prompted to write about a particular interest that students have at their respective test levels.  In this section, test takers will be evaluated on their ability to organize and convey their thoughts in a neat and coherent essay.  Additionally, this essay will be sent to admissions officers of the schools to which the student is applying.  

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Прямой контакт с носителем языка станет важным этапом психологической подготовки перед поступлением в американское учебное заведение.

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Вы сможете добиться совершенства в написании эссе на различные темы в условиях ограниченного времени.

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