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SFC (ОГЭ) Preparation Course

Learn the techniques to pass the SFC (ОГЭ) English exam!

The SFC preparation course gives students the necessary tools to pass the SFC so they can take the next step in their academic life and advance from the ninth grade.  The pupils will be provided with a certified teacher who is a native speaker of the English language who will them develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills as well as their level of vocabulary and grammar.  In one-on-one lessons, the enrolled schoolchildren will learn the structure of the SFC exam, how to improve their speaking ability, their knowledge of English grammar as well as vocabulary.  Additionally they will learn how to write personal letters and more importantly, the strategies they need to receive a high score on this exam.   

Course specs


с носителем языка, индивидуально


для учебы

Для кого :

подростки от 13 лет

Уровень английского:

Elementary A2 и выше


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Sonya, 15, Highschool

Если английский, то Адам. Преподаватель-зажигалка. Жалко, что у нас таких в школе нет. Всегда приходила на его занятия как на праздник. Праздник, который всегда со мной. Можно и посмеяться, и поработать. При этом полтора часа пролетали как две секунды. Если будете заниматься с Адамом, передавайте привет от Софи-Релакс – он пойметJ 

Готовилась к ГИА. Много чего узнала нового, о чем в школе не рассказывают. Потом подружкам объясняла по своим записям. Экзамен сдала на отлично. Впрочем, ни разу в этом не сомневалась после той подготовки, которую прошла здесь у вас в студии. Будете сдавать ГИА по английскому – начинайте готовиться заранее. 


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The SFC (ОГЭ / ГИА) English exam evaluates the student’s skills in the following five areas: Listening, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar, Writing and Speaking.  This test must be taken to advance from the ninth grade.  The results of the SFC help high schools determine whether or not the ninth graders are prepared to study and succeed in high school classes. 


The Listening portion of the exam evaluates the test taker’s ability to listen for the main ideas and specific information in a dialogue or monologue.  The questions that they will encounter will be in two formats: matching and true or false.  The students will be taught how to work quickly through this section by learning how to make educated guesses on the meanings of unknown words and homonyms.


The Reading section assesses students’ abilities to read critically and is comprised of matching and true or false questions.  The tutor will assist the pupil in overcoming the main challenges of this section such as reading quickly, reading with distraction and understanding the sequence of questions before reading the given text. 


In the Grammar and Vocabulary portion of the exam, test takers will encounter fill in the blank questions that will evaluate their grammar and vocabulary level.  They will be required to read a given passage and fill in the blanks with vocabulary that is in the proper grammatical form.  The test taker’s tutor will teach them about proofreading, intellectually predicting the intended word to fill in the blanks and how to read critically. 


In the Writing section, pupils will have to write an eighty to one-hundred word informal letter.  This section evaluates their ability to write coherently and properly convey the intended message.  The school children will be given specific instructions that will really to whom they will write and what topics should be included in the letter. 


The speaking section requires the test taker to speak and answer some questions in regards to personal information and their interests for one in a half to two minutes.  Their ability to speak confidently and fluidly will be evaluated during this section.  After speaking about the given topic, the examiner will then ask the pupil a series of follow up questions.  

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Native speaker

Общение с педагогом-носителем даст ученику серьезный импульс для применения языка в реальной жизни.

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Учащийся сможет сделать прорыв в собственном произношении и приблизится к речи носителей по интонациям и фонетике.

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Благодаря постоянному общению с преподавателем-носителем учащийся сможет снять лингвистические барьеры в общении.

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Курс включает в себя полный спектр типовых заданий, которые могут встретиться на экзаменационном тестировании.