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FCE Preparation Course

Achieve the scores you need in order study, work or live independently abroad!

The FCE Preparation course is an expertly designed course to give you the necessary tools so that you can successfully pass the exam and receive your first certification in English.  You will be tutored by a native speaking professional of the English language and you your lessons will be tailored according to what you need to learn about the most.  This course covers all sections of the FCE exam, reading, writing, use of English, Listening, and Speaking.  Because the FCE is considered to be the most important exam Cambridge has to offer, you can be assured your tutor will work very hard to make sure you are adequately prepared to successfully pass this test.  Many large multinational companies and universities recognize this certification as proof of your competency in the English language.  Give yourself the best chance of doing well on this test and register today!  Prepare with us in order to get the scores you need to receive your certification!

Course specs


с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для карьеры, для учебы

Для кого :

взрослые от 17 лет

Уровень английского:

Upper-Intermediate B2


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Пробное занятие (60 мин):

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The FCE Preparation course is comprised of five sections and tests your skills in reading, writing, usage of the English language, listening, and speaking.  Once you are certified, you are certified for the rest of your life as it has no expiration date. 


The reading section is sixty minutes in length and you are required to read three short passages, 350 to 700 words each, and answer questions based off of the readings.  These questions are in multiple-choice, matching, and fill in the blank formats. 


In the Writing portion, you will have eighty minutes to complete two tasks.  One of the tasks requires you to write about a given topic while the other requires you to choose from five topics to write about. 


The Use of English section is comprised of four tasks and has a time limit for forty-five minutes.  The questions you will have to answer will be in the formats of multiple-choice, fill in the blank, key word transformation, and word formation. 


The Listening portion of the exam requires you to answer questions from four short monologues in forty minutes.  The monologues include various topics such as news announcements, lectures, and speeches, to name a few. 


The Speaking section assesses your ability to orally communicate with others by requiring you to engage in an open dialogue with another test-taker.  There are four parts to the dialogue.  In the first part, you and another test-taker will ask each other questions and answer in return.  In the second part each test-taker will be given 2 photographs and they must describe them in one minute.  The third and fourth parts are dialogues between you and your conversational partner in which you both are to describe and communicate about certain with topics to each other.

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Native speaker

Обучение в тесном контакте с наставником-носителем позволит избавиться от лингвистических барьеров в общении.

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Курс даст возможность улучшить свои навыки по ключевым направлениям, в числе которых чтение, письмо, говорение и восприятие на слух.

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Пройдя подготовку к экзамену и сдав его на высокий балл, вы сможете повысить свои карьерные возможности на международной арене.

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Вы сможете узнать необходимые инструменты и техники для получения высокой оценки на экзамене.