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KET Preparation Course

Receive Level A2 Certification in the English Language

The KET Preparation Course was created by professionals for individuals who want to receive A2 Level certification in the English language and officially advance from the elementary level to the intermediate level.  The students will have the exclusive opportunity to be tutored by some of the best native speaking teachers in one-on-one lessons that are tailored to meet their exact needs.  This preparation course prepares pupils to do well on the KET exam through the improvement of their English skills in the four communication areas of reading, speaking, writing and listeningStudents who want to pass with the KET with distinction should take advantage of this rare opportunity to study under the tutelage of a certified native speaker and enroll now.

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для учебы

Для кого :

подростки от 13 лет


с носителем языка, индивидуально

Уровень английского:

Elementary A2


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The KET Preparation Course discusses every aspect of the Key English Test.  This test will determine whether or not the student possesses basic English skills and is ready to advance from the elementary level of English to the intermediate level.  The course covers the four language skills which are used in everyday situations and will be evaluated on the exam:  Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 


The Reading and Writing section has nine parts that are comprised of a total of fifty-six questions and has a time limit of seventy minutes.  There are thirty-five questions in the Reading portion and twenty-one in the Writing section.  In the reading portion, the test taker will encounter questions on signs, short texts, fill in the blanks of sentences as well as short texts, and conversations with multiple choice answers.  The writing portion consists of fill in the blanks, finishing the thought of a given text, and word completion. 


In the Listening section, test takers will have a time limit of thirty minutes to complete five parts that have a total of twenty-five questions.  The first part contains multiple-choice questions where they are to listen for specific information in five short conversations and choose the right answer.  The next parts require the student to listen to a long conversation and match the correct topics, answer more multiple choice questions, and fill out a form according to a monologue. 


The Speaking portion of this exam is ten minutes in length and is comprised of two parts.  In both parts, the student will be paired with another test taker and two or three examiners.  In the first part, they will converse with one of the examiners and will engage in a dialogue with the other test taker in the second part.  The first part measures the pupil’s ability to communicate when meeting someone for the first time, and will have to talk about themselves, their interests, their hometown and other personally related questions.  In the second part, the test taker will discuss information given to them by one of the examiners and must converse about the given information with the other test taker.  

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За время обучения у школьника разовьется навык восприятия и понимания живой английской речи на слух.

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Native speaker

Общаясь с преподавателем-носителем, ребенок сможет ближе познакомиться с английской культурой и языком.

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Важным элементом этого курса является развитие коммуникативных навыков и снятие лингвистических барьеров в общении.

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Слушая речь педагога, ученик сможет сделать значительный прорыв в произношении и интонационной точности.