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LSAT Preparation Course

Prepare for the LSAT With a Certified, Native Speaking Tutor!

The LSAT Preparation Course has been designed by law professionals in order to maximize your chance of achieving an exceptional score, high enough to be accepted into one of the top law schools in the U.S., Canada or Australia.  You will be provided with a certified, native speaking professional who has expert knowledge of the LSAT test and will assist in building the areas you struggle in as well as fortifying your strengths through tailored lessons.  Your personal tutor will teach you the strategies to achieving a high score while simulating the test environment in order to give you the some of the most effective assistance available.  As the LSAT is such a vital element in the admissions process of law schools in the U.S. and Canada, it is imperative that you receive as much preparation for this challenging exam.  So register today and start preparing for this exam with an LSAT expert! 

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Выбрала Брандона и ни разу не пожалела. Преподаватель вызывает доверие не только на фотографии, но и в реальной жизни. А еще у Брандона удивительное чувство юмора. В учебе это очень важно. Это, конечно, не означает, что на занятиях стоит постоянное веселье. Но присутствует очень позитивная атмосфера, которая помогает учебе. Могу точно сказать, что Брандона – лучший преподаватель английского, которого я когда-либо встречала.

Я не случайно выбрала Лексикон в качестве места для подготовки к LSAT. Подкупили занятия в индивидуальном режиме, что потом я оценила еще не раз. Плюс преподаватели – носители. С таким набором только дурак не смог бы сдать этот тест. В общем что – курс действительно помогает поднабраться знаний перед сдачей и не ударить в грязь лицом. 


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The LSAT, Law School Admission Test, is an important element in the application process of law schools in the United States, Canada and a rising number of other countries.  There are six sections, each thirty-five minutes in length, but only four of the sections are scored.  The Writing portion is unscored but is sent to the law schools that you apply to as it expresses your written communication skills.  The Experimental Section is also unscored and simply exists to assist the LSAC in the development of questions for future LSAT exams.  The remaining sections of the test, which are scored, are Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning which consists of two parts.  We suggest that you also enroll in our Legal English course in order to experience a more in-depth study of legal terminology and concepts in the English language. 

The Logical Reasoning portion is comprised of two parts with twenty-five questions and thirty-five minutes allotted for each part.  In order to successfully complete this portion of the exam, you will have to read a given passage and then choose an answer that most logically concludes the argument.  Your ability to understand the main ideas of given arguments, apply logic to abstract concepts, discover pertinent facts within a passage and analyze arguments will be assessed in this section. 

The Analytical Reasoning section has twenty-five questions and a time limit of thirty-five minutes.  The questions in this section of the exam are given in the form of reasoning puzzles and “games.”  You will be tested on your ability to determine the relationships between various concepts, analyze a situation, come to a conclusion that is solely grounded on fixed guidelines and your knowledge of how rules effect decisions as well as outcomes. 

In the Reading Comprehension portion, there are four sections consisting of twenty-seven questions and a total time limit of thirty-five minutes.  There are three long passages and one short passage that must be read critically.  The questions evaluate your ability to read and comprehend long and complex passages which are closely related to the level of difficulty of texts that you may find in a law school.  You will be evaluated on your ability to draw inferences, discover the texts’ main ideas and understand intricate passages. 

The Written section has a time limit of thirty-five minutes and assesses your capability to compose and structure written arguments.  You will be instructed to write an essay in response to given information.  In this portion, you will be showing your ability to compose a coherent, intellectual argument in a timely manner and will be reviewed by the admissions officers of the law schools to which you are applying.  

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После прохождения обучения вы получите сравнительно более высокие шансы на получение максимального балла на экзамене.

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Вы комплексно разовьете способность улавливать смысл длинных текстов на темы права, гуманитарных наук, социологии, культуры.

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Вы научитесь подробно, аргументированно и связно отстаивать свою точку зрения в письменном виде на заданную тему.

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Вы узнаете стратегии и принципы успешного прохождения испытания и сможете меньше времени тратить на поиск правильного ответа.