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Writing Business Letters in English

Learn the Art of Eloquent, Professional Writing 

This express course has been designed specifically for young and seasoned professionals who want to learn how to write professional business letters in English.  You will be taught by a native speaking expert who will train you one-on-one to become an effective writer and  how to properly use a wide set of expressions as well as the correct structures of business letters and similar documents such as memos and reports. This course will familiarize you with a list of commonly used abbreviations that you may encounter in business letters and will teach you their meanings as well as the correct situations in which they may be used.  If you are looking to expand your business or develop your career further, then this express course is the course for you!

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для карьеры

Для кого :

взрослые от 21 года

Уровень английского:

Pre-Intermediate B1 и выше


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This express course covers all of the key elements of a formal letter.  You will learn about the strategies that will assist you in effective written business communication.  Additionally, you will learn how to formulate your objectives in order to communicate clearly, how to effectively communicate, different forms and styles in written business communication, communicating through the right format, different types of business letters and the stages of writing.


You will be taught a few strategies of written business communication.  These strategies include how to identify the concern, problem, need, issue and situation that is prompting you to write the message.  The other strategies that will be looked at are as follows: target audience research, message planning, defining your purpose for writing, proofreading and making the necessary revisions in order to polish the message. 


The different Forms and Styles that will be reviewed are e-mails, memos, letters, reports, proposals and instructions.  You will learn how to write using various formats and which mode of communication is best suited for a particular situation. This section looks at letters, memorandums, notifications of meetings or agendas, technical as well as non-technical reports, progress reports, accomplishment reports, interim reports, documentaries, business plans, project proposals public service announcements and business e-mails.   


You will then study the stages of writing to make sure that your message is clear, concise and has a structure that flows logically.  The stages of writing that you will learn are pre-writing, tailoring the message, the first draft, proofreading, page layout and revisions.  In the pre-writing stage, you will learn how to brainstorm ideas of how to get your message across as well as analyzing problems that need to be addressed.  The drafting stage covers how to write grammatically correct sentences, how to make transitions between the paragraphs so the message flows smoothly, the introductory paragraph, the body of your message and the call-to-action paragraph. 


The third stage, proofreading, will teach you about ways to quickly proofread and edit your message.  In the layout and final touches stage, you will review the best types of fonts, sizes, margins and spacing that should be implemented throughout your message.  Additionally, you will learn where the date will be placed on the page, what kind of salutations can be used, where to put your name as well as the name of your company, where to put the address, how to address the person and company to whom you are writing and how to close the message.

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Существенная часть курса посвящена отработке практических навыков написания писем с учетом профессиональной области слушателя.

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Курс поможет вам в короткие сроки выйти на международный уровень ведения деловой корреспонденции.

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Благодаря индивидуальному характеру обучения вы заметно увеличите собственный словарный запас в рамках интересующей вас рабочей области.

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Вы научитесь меньше времени тратить на подбор грамматически правильных фраз и сможете больше времени уделять содержанию.