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Job Interview in English

Acquire the psychological strategies behind interviewing for multinational companies! 

What causes an employer to hire one interviewed candidate over another? Preparation and confidence is the key! If you’ve made it to the interview stage, then the job should be yours! Lexicon’s Job Interview Express Course has been designed by top HR and sales professionals to teach you the psychology behind both Traditional and Behavioral interviews. Through private one-on-one lessons, you will become prepared for common interview questions, learn how to structure responses, avoid common mistakes, as well as, interview etiquette all from an English speaking point of view. Native English-speaking experienced professionals will relieve your interview anxiety and build an unshakable confidence to leading to the job of your choice. If you want to secure a position with a multinational company, then this express course is for you!


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Course specs


с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для карьеры

Для кого :

взрослые от 21 года

Уровень английского:

Intermediate B2 и выше
Рассчитать стоимотсть подробно

Пробное занятие (60 мин):

0 rub.

The express course, Job Interviews in English, is comprised of three main parts: Successful Interviews, Advanced Interview Techniques and the Follow Up.  This course coincides directly with our CV preparation course and will offer you the best opportunity to build your resume and prepare for an interview.  Each of these points are mastered through the usage of vocabulary, listening and reading exercises that assist in the growth of the students skills that will play a vital part in a successful interview. 


The Successful Interview part of this express course is comprised of the following: interview preparation, how to make a good first impression, how to effectively answer both traditional and behavioral job interview questions, talking about yourself, avoiding common mistakes, showing that you have done your research on the company and most importantly how to prove to the interviewer that you have what it takes to succeed in the position. 


The Advanced Interview techniques portion will familiarize the student with handling competency based questions, demonstrating your skills, how to effectively discuss your weaknesses, what questions you should ask and how to partake in a telephone interview. 


The Follow Up section includes ways to keep in touch with the interviewer, how to professionally handle rejection, dealing with multiple simultaneous job offers and how to effectively negotiate the terms as well as conditions of the position.  

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Во время занятий с носителем вы научитесь грамотно презентовать себя на собеседовании, выделяя свои сильные стороны.

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Вы сможете без труда находить общий язык с интервьюером, демонстрируя уверенность, беглость речи и убедительность позиции.

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Вы добьетесь заметного прогресса в произношении и сможете избавиться от типичных ошибок неносителей.

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Также на этом специализированном курсы вы значительно расширите словарный запас, касающийся поиска вакансий и прохождения интервью.