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Networking in English

Never again struggle with communicating, building rapport, and networking with others in the English language.

Networking in English develops your skills in communicating in and out of the workplace with the assistance of a native speaking professional through one on one tutoring sessions.  Your tutor will give you an in depth look of networking and will teach you methods of applied psychology in building a conversation.  This course is a key to your success in business and in life as it is excellent for learning the basics of networking as well gathering rapport on clients.  You will no longer struggle to find the right words to say in English to a coworker or potential client and you will strengthen your confidence as you break down the barriers of networking in English.  This course provides the opportunity for you to become an expert communicator and socializer by using the English Language to easily create casual conversations about numerous topics with people you meet or want to meet.  You will not only impress your friends and colleagues, but you will also impress potential partners while building long lasting relationships.  This course is a great fit for those looking to improve their spoken English language and gain excellent networking skills in the process.  

Course specs


one-to-one with a native speaker


for self, for career

Target audience:

adults over 18 y.o.

Уровень английского:

B1 и выше


Small caGary
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Пробное занятие (60 мин):

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Networking in English was created to improve the communication skills of individuals seeking to develop their personal and professional networks.  This express course is comprised of seven segments: the basics, vocabulary, socializing, communicating accurately, learning to listen, networking skills, and understanding different cultures. 


The first portion is all about the basics of communication where you will become familiar and comfortable with asking and answering questions, talking about you and your life, establishing effective introductions as well as goodbyes, as well as talking about your company and career.


In the Vocabulary section, you will learn the necessary words and phrases to effectively talk about free time, travel, your hometown and country, food, drink, jobs, work, arts, sports, news, and how to persuade as well as handle controversial topics. 


The Socializing portion revolves around functions and situations.  You will learn how to discuss your likes, dislikes, preferences, accepting or declining an invitations, offers and recommendations, agreeing and disagreeing, opinions, and making requests.  The tutor will simulate situations where you are either at a restaurant, going out for a drink, at a conference, at a meeting, or greeting visitors.


The fourth part of this course is learning how to Communicate Accurately.  In this part, you will become familiar with describing points in time as they practice talking about the past, present, and future. 


The Learning to Listen section of this course is very important for communication.  This course trains you to become great listener through exercises in listening for the general ideas of conversations and listening for specific information in order to build rapport on someone. 


The Networking Skills portion is comprised of the following topics: Active Listening, checking and clarifying, making small talk, and managing a conversation. 


The final part of this course, Understanding Different Cultures, teaches how to network and communicate effectively with individuals from other nations. 

This portion is also important as you may offend someone without you ever knowing it.  This course reviews the following topics: taboo areas, humor, time management, body language signals, and meetings.  

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Вы сможете выйти на международный бизнес-уровень, начав говорить бегло и без долгого поиска нужных слов в рамках рабочей области.

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Благодаря общению один на один с наставником вы сможете натренировать слух на восприятие речи носителей.

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Слушая чистую английскую речь преподавателя, вы и сами начнете говорить точнее и аккуратнее с точки зрения фонетики.

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Вы получите на вооружение богатый лексический арсенал, включающий профессиональную терминологию и часто употребляемые речевые обороты.