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Making Phone Calls in English

Develop the skills and learn the distinct phrases used specifically in telephone conversations.  

Making Phone Calls in English is an expertly designed course that gives you the opportunity to learn new terminology and phrases primarily used in conversations over the telephone.  You will be provided with a native speaking professional tutor who will teach you, through one-on-one lessons, while focusing on the areas that matter the most to you and coincide with your personal or professional needs.  You will learn about the rules of phone etiquette and certain phrases used in normal conversations, sales calls, personal calls, and conference calls.   This course will help you develop a new set of English communication skills that are not normally used during face to face conversations.  If you find it difficult to speak in English over the telephone or you simply would like to polish your English telephone skills, then do not hesitate and enroll now! 

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для себя, для карьеры

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взрослые от 21 года

Уровень английского:

Pre-Intermediate B1 и выше


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Making Phone Calls in English covers every aspect of speaking on the telephone.  You will learn about answering the telephone, how to begin a call, how to end a call, how to connect with people, taking messages, problems you may encounter during your call, how to make appointments as well as arrangements, dealing with recorded information, telephone conferences, and new vocabulary and phrases. 


The section, Answering the Telephone, discusses the different ways you may answer the phone.  You will also develop your skills in articulating your words when saying telephone numbers, your name, the name of the recipient of the phone call, and company names.  


In the Beginning a Call portion of this course, you will learn how to properly introduce yourself, how to ask to speak to someone, how to respond to a caller, how clarify who is calling you and their purpose for the call, and how to establish your purpose for calling. 


The Ending a Call segment will teach you how to recognize when you should end a call, how to signal that you wish to end the call, and how to make offers as well as requests at the end of the conversation. 


In the Connecting People part of the course, you will further develop your skills in speaking over the telephone by learning how to ask for a person or department, how to politely ask the caller to wait, conveying to the caller that they will be connected shortly, how to say someone is not available, and how to respond when someone is not available.


The Messages section will teach you how to answer someone else’s phone, how to offer to take a message, how to take a message, and what information you should include in the message.  You will also learn how to leave a message and clarify as well as check the details.


The section, Communication Problems, teaches you how to respond to problems, how to deal with speakers who do not have clear pronunciation, how to deal with technical problems, and how to deal with someone who cannot understand you.


In the Appointments and Arrangements portion of this course, you will learn how to make appointments and arrangements as well as how to confirm, change, and cancel them. 


The Recorded Information section will develop your skills in handling automated messages, how to leave a voicemail, how to respond to messages, how to ask as well as give information to an automated machine, and how to use abbreviations.


The last part of this course, Telephone Conferences, will discuss how to present your information, how to express your opinions, agreeing as well as disagreeing, and overall how to take part in a conference call. 

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Вы перестанете испытывать языковые барьеры при телефонном общении с коллегами, партнерами и клиентами.

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Отдельное внимание на занятиях преподаватель сосредоточит на восприятии живой английской речи на слух.

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Вы сможете развить и укрепить навыки делового общения и презентации для решения бизнес-вопросов на международной арене.

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Слушая чистую английскую речь преподавателя, вы и сами начнете говорить точнее и аккуратнее с точки зрения фонетики.