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BEC Preparation Courses

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The BEC Preparation courses prepare you for the three tests of varying levels which can be taken in order to receive a Business English Certificate.  The Business English Certificate is an internationally accepted qualification which expresses your ability to use the English language successfully in a professional working environment or business course.  The BEC may be acquired at three different language levels: the BEC Preliminary for level B1, the BEC Vantage for level B2 and the BEC Higher for level C1.  These exams assess your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to succeed in various everyday situations that occur in a multinational workplace.  Individuals who receive a Business English Certification gain a competitive advantage and better opportunities to obtain work abroad, work for a foreign company within your native country or to study business in a foreign educational institution.  Multinational corporations look to hire individuals who are certified in the English language and ultimately can attribute to the success of the organization.  With this certification you can take your international business career to the next level, register today and let’s discover the possibilities that the future holds together!

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с носителем языка, индивидуально


для учебы, для карьеры

Для кого:

взрослые и подростки от 18 лет

Уровень английского:

средний (B1) и выше – в зависимости от версии экзамена

Тип курса:

подготовка к экзамену


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I have passed BEC Vantage for 77 out of 100. Now I often participate in international conferences and read books in English.

The highest level of client-oriented service, location in the center of the city, private parking, convenience and comfort, friendliness and professionalism – all these promotes productive studying when nothing can distract you. Attention to the details of studying makes LEXICON the best choice for studying English.

The Cambridge English: Business English Certificate is accepted by companies, educational institutions and government bodies around the world.  There are three versions of the BEC, the BEC Preliminary, the BEC Vantage and the BEC Higher, each focusing on a different level of English.  The BEC Preliminary exam is made for test takers who are at an intermediate English level.  The BEC Vantage should be taken by individuals who have an upper-intermediate command of English at level.  The BEC Higher exam is the top level of which you can receive a Business English Certification and is the most prestigious.  This exam is for individuals who have an advanced command of the English language.  Each of these tests evaluates your ability to read, write, listen and speak English in a business setting. 

A Preliminary Business English Certificate, taken at the intermediate level, shows employers that your knowledge of the English language is enough to function at an intermediate level in an office setting.  By receiving the Preliminary Certificate, you will prove that you possess the ability to write short e-mail, read messages, interpret graphics, listen as well as partake in telephone conversations and carry on discussions about business-related topics.  By receiving the upper-intermediate Business English Vantage Certificate, companies will know that you are able to write reports, proposals, or other types of business correspondence.  Additionally, it shows that you can read and comprehend certain elements from business publications as well as listen and participate in meetings. 

The most prestigious Business English Certificate, the Higher, is for individuals with an advanced knowledge of the English language.  This certificate ascertains that the certified individual has not only the determination but the ability to function successfully in almost any situation that may occur in an international business setting.  The BEC Higher will give you the recognition and competitive advantage you need to be successful in an international workplace, have a better chance of getting your job application being noticed, be transferred to an office abroad, or in the application process to study business in an overseas university or college.   With a Higher Certificate, you will prove to employers that you are able to efficiently communicate at top levels while showing an advanced level of fluency, partake in presentations as well as meetings, and respond to various social or cultural circumstances that may arise in the workplace.  If you are looking to major in business in a foreign educational institution, the BEC Higher can show the educational institutions that you can successfully participate in the business courses. 

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Вы сможете достигнуть заметного прогресса в языке, занимаясь один на один с преподавателем в удобном режиме.

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Результативность индивидуальных занятий полностью покрывает и превосходит вложенные расходы на обучение.

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Благодаря тесному контакту с преподавателем-носителем Вы изучите важные нюансы англоязычного общества и культуры.